Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a made to measure suit?

In a word “fit”. All the clients’ proportions are taken into account at the measurement stage. Very tall, short or heavy people have different requirements. Correct proportions are the key to looking your best. A made to measure suit will always fit better.

Are there any guidelines when matching shirts and ties to outfits?

The shirt and tie are extremely important to get the right look, especially the tie, which to a man is akin to the woman’s handbag! The tie often brings the outfit together. Our advice is:

  1. never buy ties on their own,
  2. wear plain or plainish ties with striped shirts, and
  3. wear heavy patterned fancy ties with plain shirts.

How often should I dry clean a suit?

As a general rule dry clean your suit twice a year, unless you’ve had an accident! Frequent dry cleaning can take its toll on the fabric. But you can have your garments sponged and pressed as often as you like.

Do the most expensive suits last longer?

Not necessarily. Very expensive fabrics tend to be more delicate, but look fantastic and are a joy to wear. It's important to be aware there are everyday, occasional wear and ‘special occasion’ fabrics. A second trouser can prolong the life of your working suits!

Are Pure New Wool suits best?

Again, it depends on the use! As a general rule - All wool fabrics are usually more expensive but are more luxurious to wear, where as wool mixtures can be harder wearing.

How can I best look after my clothes?

Never wear the same suit two days in a row; natural fibres need time to recover. Always hang your suit up after use, and remember to empty the pockets, remove the belt and make sure you use a broad-shouldered hanger.

Are Irish men different from other Europeans?

Very much so, especially in the trouser fit. The average Irish man is heavy around the middle, very often requiring a special low front trouser fit for perfect comfort.


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tailoring a made to measure suit

tailoring a made to measure suit